Aircraft carrier 3D Model

Technical details
File Size 8.85 MB
Textures Yes
Materials No
Polygons 482600
Vertices 628196

Aircraft Carrier 3D Model: This free download offers an incredibly detailed 3D model of an aircraft carrier. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts and military history buffs alike, this model features an inside view of the ship and is available in both 3ds and 3ds max file formats. With its intricate design and accurate representation of a real-life aircraft carrier, this 3D model is a must-have for anyone interested in naval technology and engineering.

Whether you’re using it for educational purposes, gaming, or just for fun, this aircraft carrier 3D model is sure to impress. The level of detail in the design is truly remarkable, making it a great tool for studying the inner workings of an aircraft carrier. Plus, the fact that it’s available for free download means that anyone can access this impressive piece of 3D modeling technology. So what are you waiting for? Download the aircraft carrier 3D model today and explore the fascinating world of naval engineering in stunning detail.

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