Traditional crystal chandelier 3D Model

Technical details
File Size 1.05 MB
Textures No
Materials Yes
Polygons 106784
Vertices 55758

Traditional crystal chandelier 3D Model: This highly detailed 3D model of a traditional crystal chandelier is available in 3dsmax format and is perfect for use in lighting design and indoor decorative lamp design. The model doesn’t come with any textures, but it is ideal for use in house decor and interior design, as well as interior lighting modeling design and rendering of indoor scenes. With this 3D object, you can create stunning visualizations of indoor spaces and bring your designs to life. Download this free 3D model now and use it for your 3D visualisation works, 3D interactive design, simulation and rendering.

Perfect for Interior Design: This traditional crystal chandelier 3D model is perfect for use in interior design projects. Its intricate details and classic design make it an excellent addition to any indoor space, whether it’s a residential or commercial setting. Use it to create captivating renderings of your interior design projects, and impress your clients with your attention to detail. The model is available for free download and is compatible with most 3D modeling software, making it a versatile tool for designers and architects alike. Get started on your next project today with the help of this stunning 3D model.

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