Locusts grasshopper 3D Model

Technical details
File Size 8.65 MB
Textures Yes
Materials Yes
Polygons 122482
Vertices 64696

Highly detailed grasshopper 3D model with jpg textures included is now available for free download in .MAX format (3DS Max). This realistic insect 3D character can be used for various purposes such as animation presentations, simulations, emulation environments, virtual reality and more. It’s a perfect fit for 3D modeling applications and animal simulations that require precise rendering and compositing. Additionally, it can be used for designing simulation toy animals, animal specimens, rendering of 3D large-scale scenes, and pattern design.

The grasshopper is part of the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. To differentiate it from bush crickets or katydids, it is sometimes known as the short-horned grasshopper. Some species of grasshoppers exhibit changes in colour and behaviour at high population densities, and are known as locusts. This highly detailed grasshopper 3D model is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of realism to their visualisation works or 3D interactive designs. Download it now for free and bring your projects to life!

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